Temporary Traffic Management Training – Southland | Murihiku

There are nearly 5000km of roads throughout Southland, without even counting the NZTA-managed State Highways. Many of these roads were built about 50 years ago and are coming to the end of their life. The cost of repairing roads has increased dramatically and according to the Southland District Council there is the need to spend $25 million a year to maintain and rebuild Southland roads at the moment. This cost is going to grow rapidly in the next 10 years, and beyond that it only gets worse, they say.

Faced with tough decisions ahead, maintenance must continue however, and the nature of the roads – a mix of relatively heavily trafficked with trucks and cars, through to very light traffic flows – means that road works crews must be vigilant at all times.

It is a requirement that all companies undertaking temporary traffic management ensure their staff retain valid, up-to-date Traffic Controller (TC) or Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) warrants, in order to implement and manage their worksites.

TTM Training and Compliance also offer specialist training for Kerbside Collection Traffic Leaders (KCTLs). It is a requirement of many RCAs that Team Leaders be KCTL certified within four months of the start of employment in a waste management role.

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