Site Traffic Management Specialist Mobile

The STMS Mobile course is intended for those who operate in or manage teams involved ONLY with Mobile Operations. 

It DOES NOT include mobile operations involved with setting up, maintaining or removing of static worksites.  In order to manage these tasks, a full STMS qualification relevant to the road level being operated on is required.

STMS Mobile is a Waka Kotahi NZTA warranted qualification.

Who is it for?

An STMS who leads, supervises or operates mobile operations (with the exclusions above). This includes activities such as:

  • Mowing the berm
  • Road marking
  • Hedge or shelter belt trimming (with some limitations)
  • Mobile spraying operations
  • Grading or metal replacement/spreading on unsealed roads
  • Small pot hole repair on foot with shadow vehicle and tail pilot
  • Slow-moving survey or inspection activities.

Check with us for any other activities not listed here.

This DOES NOT include, for example:

  • Any activities where the work vehicles are stopped for more than 10 minutes
  • Inspections (as described under the Inspector qualification)
  • Any works other than minor repairs or operations.  Eg, if cones and signs are required to manage road users, (other than the standard Mobile operation signage) then a static worksite should be employed.

Again, check with us for any other activities not listed here.

Any there any prerequisites?

Yes.  A current STMS qualification, or STMS expired.

Or for new workers, TTM Worker, followed by TMO through to TMO practicing level, and STMS Universal.


One day, theory and practical assessment.

What does it teach you to do ?

Lead or operate a mobile worksite on Cat A and B roads, or within 2m of the edgeline or lane of a Cat C road

This includes understanding:

  • Traffic Management Plan requirements for Mobile operations
    • On-site records
    • Vehicle and equipment requirements, and their operation while undertaking a Mobile operation
    • Crew briefings
    • Hazard and risk assessment
    • Risk mitigations available under the Mobile category
    • Safe operating areas while undertaking Mobile operations, including layout distances for vehicles and visibility requirements
    • How to recognise when a higher level of traffic management control is required – ie, when Mobile operations are not appropriate for your work activity.

Upcoming courses

While this course is run on demand, these are constantly being planned, so please contact us for available dates in your area.

Note we provide very cost-effective options for these courses – don’t get “stung” by unnecessary vehicle charges! 

We can provide all required equipment and vehicles at minimal cost (or you can provide your own vehicles and crew).  What’s most important is that you receive a highly professional assessment to ensure that you are safe to operate on the road reserve.

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