Site Traffic Management Specialist – Practising Category A/B

The STMS Practising Cat A/B course is required for those needing to actively manage Temporary Traffic Management works on category A and B roads.

  • A Category A road is defined as a single lane or multi-lane with speeds less than or equal to 60km/h;
  • A Category B road is single lane speeds 70km/h or more, and includes passing lanes (but not high speed multi-lane, or motorways or expressways).

Assessed through Unit Standards 31963.

This is a Waka Kotahi NZTA Warranted role.

Who is it for ?

The STMS Practising Cat A/B course is for those who have completed their STMS A/B NP and needs to actively supervise worksites on Category A/B roads.

You will be trained and assessed as being competent on the key elements for these roads, and on successful completion will be awarded the full practicing STMS A/B.

Any there any prerequisites ?

The STMS Cat A/B NP Course.


One day of practical.

What does it teach you to do ?

People who successfully complete the STMS Practicing Category A/B (Cat A/B) training will know:

  • the key requirements for planning, managing and setting out worksites on Cat A and Cat B roading environments.
  • have demonstrated their competence via assessment in actively managing a range of live worksites on these roads.
  • Hazard, risks and their mitigations for these road environments
  • Crew and visitor briefings
  • Understanding and following the appropriate TMP, and recognising when or if the TMP is not appropriate, and what to do about it!
  • how to locate information in the CoPTTM relating to Cat A and Cat B roading environments.

Upcoming courses

While this course is run on demand, these are constantly being planned, so please contact us for available dates in your area.

Note we provide very cost-effective options for these courses – don’t get “stung” by unnecessary vehicle charges! 

We can provide all required equipment and vehicles at minimal cost (or you can provide your own vehicles and crew).  What’s most important is that you receive a highly professional assessment to ensure that you are safe to operate on the road reserve.

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