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About Us

Owned by David and Jill Roberts, we are a friendly, knowledgeable and adaptable TTM training and services provider.

Traffic management training companies come and go, but we’re in this for the long haul – same people, same quality of service. We wont let you down.

We take the time to understand the risks and challenges you face in your temporary traffic management roles. This means we are better able to focus training and support relevant to your business needs.

We don’t just “cover the materials” like most trainers – we make it relevant, we assist where required, and guide and lead you on your training journey.

We love coming to your location, big town or small as we get to know you and your work environment better. It also gives David a chance to ride his motorbike 😊. Or, you can join one of our many scheduled workshops at locations across New Zealand.

If we don’t have it scheduled – no worries! let us know what you want and we’ll do our darndest to pull it together for you.

David is our NZTA-accredited trainer, TMP Planner, and is a qualified L2/3 STMS(NP).

David brings 30+ years experience in training and consulting across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, along with broad experience in business and project management, organizational change and process delivery.

He understands the challenges you face, and how best to blend the depth of his skills and knowledge to benefit you and your business.

All delivered through a personable, consultative approach.

Jill is well known in the Temporary Traffic Management training industry through her 13+ years’ experience, and the relationships she has established across all types of business.

With this wealth of skills and understanding, Jill recently joined us at TTM Training and Compliance as Training & Finance Manager.

We are delighted to have Jill onboard, where she will continue engaging with clients, and arranging our highly successful training programmes.

Jill’s also been known to venture out on the back of David’s motorbike from time to time.

We also know that everyone is different, and adult learning can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t been in a classroom for a while.  Taking the stress out of that situation is a major focus for us.  Helping you settle down, concentrate on ideas and information, and relax – we’ve got your back! All this comes with our positive, understanding, knowledgeable and practical approach.

Plus, we have a wide range of partners to back us up if needed – we’ll never leave you in the lurch or cancel a workshop.

Don’t forget, as well as training, we also prepare and review your Traffic Management Plans, Audit your worksites for Compliance, and Consult broadly on business and safety processes.

Try us. You’ll like us.

TTM. Train. Comply.

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