Site Traffic Management Specialist – Refresher – Category A/B Practicing

Who is it for, and what are the prerequisites?

If you have a current STMS warrant (not expired more than 12 months), AND you have completed the STMS NP A/B/C – R theory workshop, then in order to manage active worksites you will now need to pass the assessment for the Practicing role.


We normally plan to complete Category A and B assessments in one day for two STMS.  However, this can vary depending on the experience of the STMS under assessment.

What am I required to do ?

You must understand and be able follow a TMP closely, as the entire Assessment for the Practicing qualification will be based on the TMP you will be using.

You will need to lead a crew to setup, maintain and remove an Alternating Flow Stop/Go traffic management worksite for each the categories of road in which you wish to operate – Cat A and/or B.

You must also be fully aware of and compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act requirements relevant to the role and knowledge of undertaking the STMS role and responsibilities.

In summary:

  • Brief, lead and give direction to crew and visitors
  • Understand and interpret the Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  • Understand and relate the principles of TMP implementation to a live worksite
  • Understand contingency plans
  • Identify and manage hazards/risks (ie, determine what the risk is, it’s potential severity and likelihood, and how to manage and mitigate possible outcomes).
  • When to postpone, cancel or delay operations it hazards are not sufficiently mitigated, according to the TMP and CoPTTM-based best practice
  • Complete Onsite records.

Upcoming courses

While this course is run on demand, these are constantly being planned, so please contact us for available dates in your area.

Note we provide very cost-effective options for these courses – don’t get “stung” by unnecessary vehicle charges! 

We can provide all required equipment and vehicles at minimal cost (or you can provide your own vehicles and crew).  What’s most important is that you receive a highly professional assessment to ensure that you are safe to operate on the road reserve.

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