The STMS Cat A/B NP course is intended for those workers needing to understand Temporary Traffic Management works on category A and B roads.

  • A category A road is defined as a single lane with speeds less than or equal to 60kph;
  • A Category B road is single lane speeds 70km/h or more, and includes passing lanes (but not motorways or expressways).

It is assessed through US 31962.

This is a Waka Kotahi NZTA Warranted role.

Who is it for ?

The STMS Cat A/B NP course is for anyone new to the STMS role who has achieved STMS-U competency and is intending to be the STMS on category A/B roads.

You will be trained on the key elements for these roads, leading to the skills to competently manage worksites under the next level – the full STMS.

Any there any prerequisites ?

The STMS-U course for any STMS level expired for more than 12 months.


One day of theory.

What does it teach you to do ?

Theory and processes relevant for the role Category A/B specific information for:

  • Static operations
  • Mobile operations and closures
  • Semi static operations and closures
  • Inspections/special activities
  • Equipment
  • Emergency and and incident response scenarios

Upcoming courses