Traffic Management Audits

As our company name suggests, we take compliance seriously.  There are many obligations placed on business these days, and you cannot afford to take these lightly given the risks and penalties that can result from non-compliance.

As we travel around New Zealand we are often surprised at the number of worksites that would not fare well from an audit. Remember – NZTA and the local RCA have the right to audit any of your TTM operations at any time.

Don’t be caught out and risk your worksite receiving non-conformances, or potentially being shut down, causing loss of income (not to mention additional costs or the risk of losing your business and livelihood).

We’re here to help, not scare you.

At TTM Training and Compliance Ltd, we can undertake two types of audits:

  • Observational Audit – An overview assessment of layout and operation of the worksite. Useful for gaining a general view of the functional operation of your practical TTM processes.  (Note: this does not include reviews of TMPs and the specific requirements of a full SCR Audit).
  • Full Site Condition Rating Audit – All organisations should have a range of compliance programmes in place supported by the relevant audit regime, and this audit (performed using NZTA standard practice and forms) covers all elements relating to a specific worksite operating under Temporary Traffic Management and its relevant TMP.

Ensure your work operations are functioning effectively and safely.

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