General Worker

The General Worker course is a three-hour introduction to Temporary Traffic Management (TTM).  It assists PCBUs with better ensuring they are complying with their Health and Safety at Work Act obligations, by providing the basic knowledge for working on or around a Temporary Traffic Management worksite.

Assessed through Unit Standards 31957.

Who is it for ?

This course is for workers, labourers or those from other industries who will be working on, or likely to visit, a worksite being managed under Temporary Traffic Management. It is not intended to replace a site induction, ConstructSafe etc, but offers a complimentary component.

Any there any prerequisites ?

There are no prerequisites to the General Worker course. If you have no experience in working with temporary traffic management it is recommended you do the General Worker qualification first as a short introduction to the industry.


Three hours.

What does it teach you to do ?

  • Know how to enter and enter a worksite safely.
  • Know how to work safely at a worksite (around road user and construction traffic).
  • Able to act as a spotter for vehicle manoeuvres.

Upcoming Courses

This course is run on demand. Please contact us for more information.