Site Traffic Management Specialist – Universal (STMS-U)

The Universal STMS course is intended to provide a base knowledge for those wanting to move on to a first time Site Traffic Management It is assessed through US 31961.

Who is it for ?

The Universal STMS course is intended to provide a base knowledge for people wanting to become:

  • STMS – The person who will be supervising the setup, change and removal of a worksite to a predetermined plan
  • Traffic Operations Manager
  • TTM Mentor, TTM Assessor or TTM Trainer
  • TTM Planner, TTM Auditor, TTM Coordinator or Corridor Manager

Any there any prerequisites ?



Two days.

What does it teach you to do ?

Health and safety processes relevant to the role and the knowledge of the role and responsibilities. Demonstrate understanding of the following in both day and night conditions:

  • Lead and give direction to their crew and visitors
  • Understand and interpret the TMP
  • Understand and relate the principles of TMP implementation to a live worksite
  • Understand contingency plans
  • Have the ability to manage risk (determine what the risk is, it’s potential severity, and how to manage and mitigate possible outcomes)

Apply content from CoPTTM which is common to various road environments (Category A, B and C)

Upcoming courses

STMS-U | Napier
The Duke of Gloucester, Napier
STMS-U | Wellington
Porirua Club, Porirua
STMS-U | Palmerston North
Shadzz Motel & Conference Centre