About Us

TTM Training and Compliance Ltd focuses on the three key aspects of temporary traffic management training and compliance across New Zealand, helping companies contribute to safer, more effective and efficient environments for road workers and road users.

These are:

  • Temporary traffic management training, required under the NZ Transport Agency CoPTTM (1)
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP) preparation and submission
  • TTM Audit for Site Condition Ratings and Compliance

Owned by David and Jill Roberts, we are a friendly, knowledgeable and flexible provider. Further supported by key training partners, specialist TMP writers, and administration staff, TTM Training and Compliance offer services all over New Zealand. We enjoy coming to your location, large or small, big town, or small, as we can then get to know your work environment better, and take the time to understand the risks and challenges you face in your temporary traffic management roles.

So, how can we help you?

Training Services

No matter if you are an individual, or a company requiring the NZTA-based training, you can be comfortable in the fact that we know the detail and implications of the material we train, and we also know how to get that information across in a positive and meaningful way.

This is because when attending our workshops, you or your staff will receive individual attention. As adults, you all bring your own experiences, but everyone also learns at different rates, and at different levels. You won’t be jammed in a classroom and lectured at – unbelievably, some training companies still do this! You will receive the necessary time and effort to make your learning experience a beneficial one, not simply a “tick in the box” to keep the boss happy.

David Roberts is our NZTA and Connexis-accredited trainer and he is also a L2/3 STMS(NP).

David is licensed to deliver training for most categories under the new Waka Kotahi NZTA Training and Competency model.

We can also deliver or arrange for your full Practicing warrants.

We cover:

  • General Worker
  • TTM Worker (TTM-W)
  • Traffic Management Operative (TMO)
  • Site Traffic Management Specialist – Universal (STMS-U)
  • STMS Cat A/B/C
  • Inspector
  • Waste Management Industry of New Zealand Kerbside Collection Traffic Lead (KCTL)

Boasting 30+ years’ experience in training across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, plus broad experience in business and project management, organizational change and process delivery, David brings this depth of personal experience and business knowledge to bear through a friendly, consultative approach to learning.

Mona Tiatia is a highly experienced STMS, and provides our Mentoring and training support.

Having worked for several specialist traffic management companies in the past (Traffic Management and Control in Dunedin being the most recent), Mona knows what is needed to be safe and effective under Temporary Traffic Management.

Mona has a passion for teaching and advising learners at all levels in the industry. 

Jill Roberts is well known in the Temporary Traffic Management training industry for her 13+ years’ experience and the relationships she has established across many large, medium and smaller enterprises in the relevant business sectors of New Zealand.

With her wealth of skills and understanding of the training requirements, Jill is TTM Training and Compliance Limited Training and Finance Manager.

Other Related Services

At TTM Training and Compliance we can also prepare your Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for any location in New Zealand. We can often turn these around very quickly. We have great relationships with Road Controlling Authorities to ensure you get the right plan you need.

Reviews and audits are also undertaken by TTM Training and Compliance so as to ensure compliance and protection under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). These obligations can be significant, and so it can be well worthwhile having an independent view of how your teams are operating and to better ensure there are no unexpected issues.

We always emphasise the practical and learning elements of our audit and compliance services, seeing them as an opportunity to explore and understand with your teams.

TTMTC has also partnered with NGTC Traffic Management Training to provide high quality traffic management courses all throughout New Zealand.

We look forward to be of assistance to you soon!

No matter whether you are starting as a ‘newbie’ or are a seasoned professional, we look forward to assisting you and your team.

1Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management.