TM Operative (non-practicing)

This workshop partly replaces the old Traffic Controller (TC) course. It provides the theory (non-practicing) classroom-based training required before progressing to the full TMO Practicing qualification.

It is assessed through Unit Standards 31959 and results in a NZTA-warranted qualification.

Who is it for ?

A TTM-W worker who wishes to move on and gain a greater understanding of Temporary Traffic Management, and who either plans on moving to the full TMO Practicing qualification, or just needs the knowledge to manage work crews who are dealing with temporary traffic management situations.

Any there any prerequisites ?

The TTM-W course or be a current or expired TC.


One day.

What does it teach you to do ?

An understanding of:

  • Category A roads where TMOs are limited to undertaking a roadside activity if the vehicle is legally parked, and accessed from the non-traffic side.
  • On category A and B roads where TMOs are limited to setting up, maintaining and removing TTM for roadside or shoulder activities (all TTM equipment, including vehicles, are outside the edgeline (ie, not on the live lane or edge of seal if there is no edgeline).

Situations where TMOs:

  • Can maintain TTM at an existing static worksite when the in charge STMS is away from the worksite. In this case, the STMS must return to the worksite to carry out any required changes.

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