TTM Worker

The TTM Worker course is intended for those assisting with maintaining a Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) worksite under supervision of the STMS. It begins with a classroom based session followed by a practical assessment which is delivered on a live training site. This course is a prerequisite to the Traffic Management Operative (TMO) Course.

Assessed through Unit Standards 31958.

This is not a Waka Kotahi NZTA warranted course.

Who is it for ?

A worker who assists with temporary traffic managements under direction of the STMS, such as installing, maintaining and removing traffic management worksites, and operating Stop/Go paddles, portable traffic booms, or manually controlled portable traffic signals.

It is also the starting point for anyone wishing to move on to any of the following roles:

  • STMS Cat A, B or C,
  • Traffic Operations Manager,
  • TTM Mentor, TTM Assessor or TTM Trainer,
  • TTM Planner, TMP Approver, TTM Auditor, Traffic Management Coordinator or Corridor Manager.

Any there any prerequisites ?

None. If you have no experience in working with temporary traffic management it is recommended you do the General Worker qualification first as a short introduction to the industry


One day.

What does it teach you to do ?

  • Knowledge of the TTM Worker’s roles and responsibility, including:
    • No go zones (including safety zones)
    • Manual handling/lifting of TTM equipment
    • Using a Stop/Go paddle
    • Using radio communications
    • Set out TTM equipment
    • The role of a spotter
    • Interaction with people (good/bad practices and dealing with conflict).
    • About Traffic Management Planning (TMP)
    • Site Traffic movements with a Vehicle Management Plan (VMP)
  • Skills in performing the TTM Worker role.

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