Why and When You Need Our Services

Employer and employee obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 are significant for all levels of business.

Understandably, there can be serious consequences where errors lead to death or injury of road workers and / or road users.

Businesses can also be issued with a non-compliance notice by the local Road Controlling Authority (RCA), or even forced to shut a work site down, for less serious errors.

For these reasons, it’s crucial that Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) is properly planned and correctly implemented.

Temporary Traffic Management Training in Wellington - Kapiti Road

NZTA provide detailed information and best practice advice about the ‘how, what and when’ of managing works and activities near to and on the road reserve within the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM).  The role of the qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) is to prepare and submit the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to the relevant RCA, based on the CoP.

Once approved, the Traffic Controller (TC) and STMS can establish and maintain the site, within the guidelines provided by CoPTTM.

The CoPTTM states:

 “The TTM crew must:

  • Get it right
  • Install only that which is appropriate
  • Adapt the TTM to meet changing site demands
  • Remove when not required” ¹

¹ CoPTTM Section J, Level 1 TTM handbook.

Why choose TTM Training and Compliance Ltd as your training provider?

We know that up-skilling, re-training or refreshing Traffic Controller (TC) or Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) qualifications can be a difficult and inconvenient task.

Your business is flat out and the last thing you want or need is people off the job.  Getting your teams into a classroom when they are used to being out on the road can be difficult and frustrating – we totally get that!

That’s why we’re different from many other providers of temporary traffic management training.  We haven’t ‘tacked on’ training to an operations team just because we’ve got someone spare to do it: we’re TTM training specialists.

It’s one thing knowing your subject matter (which we do, in spades) but it’s a very different thing having the skills, maturity and experience in adult learning and teaching to know how to deliver that information in a way that will be both understood and retained by trainees.

Remember, TTM shouldn’t be ‘just’ a compliance issue.  People’s lives on the roads actually depend on you and your teams having benefitted from the expertise of knowledgeable, proficient trainers with the know how to make that valuable training time pay off.

TTM Training and Compliance Ltd – experience, knowledge, integrity.

Much More Than ‘Just Theory’

Active traffic management is principally about being prepared and taking the necessary initiatives.  Accordingly, our training focuses on more than just theory, and applies a methodology that is people inclusive, encourages responsibility and applies learned knowledge into operation.

TTM Training and Compliance Ltd train and equip TCs and STMSs to handle real-life situations, through improved performance and safety compliance.

We know the key requirements to managing risks, and focus on:

  • Skills and knowledge of the TC and STMS
  • Quality and appropriateness of the TMP for the site
  • Business processes and support behind the road-based teams, providing an effective, well-structured programme.

We take our responsibilities seriously, and strive to be pro-active in highlighting key areas for focus and attention in all of our work with clients.

Please give us a call or fill in the form on our contact page to discuss your specific needs.

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