Temporary Traffic Management Training Dunedin

Known for its thriving student population and boasting an interesting mix of Scottish and Maori heritage, Dunedin and the wider Otago region is also famous for its amazing mix of rural roads, criss-crossing beautiful landscapes.

As with any city, roadworks are a constant fixture as a combination of local council, roading contractors, engineers, and drainage works companies manage the complexity of a growing city infrastructure.  Dunedin can expect to see no shortage of disruption in the short to mid-term, as planned work for a one-way system around a cycle lane upgrade is scheduled to begin in late 2020, with the projected timeframe for the project currently estimating the work will last until mid-2026.

Under the new government policy statement, the NZTA committed to ”seriously look at mode neutral planning, which means having walking, cycling, public transport and cars all on equal footing”.

This shift in focus to look at what can be done differently includes ”considering the future functionality of the one-way system and how that might fit in with the walking-cycling connections and all of the other bits in between”.

Temporary Traffic Management Training Dunedin

Traffic Controller and Site Traffic Management Supervisor Training in Dunedin & Otago

With a projected $986million investment in roading forecast across Otago and Southland over the next 3 years (half of which is earmarked for maintenance and operations), opportunities in traffic management are likely to remain plentiful.

With the high numbers of road transport operators in the farming and industrial industry, a higher than average number of remote roads throughout the region and the susceptibility to extreme weather conditions, it’s likely to be ‘business as usual’ for roadwork projects in Dunedin and throughout Otago.

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Traffic Controller (TC) & Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) Training

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