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TTM Training and Compliance Ltd focuses on all the key aspects of temporary traffic management that enable a safe, effective and efficient environment for road workers and road users.

Owned and operated by David Roberts, TTM Training and Compliance Ltd is a friendly, knowledgeable and flexible solutions-focused provider.

David is fully NZTA accredited and licensed to deliver training for:

TTM also facilitate STMS Practicing and Non-Practicing training to Level 2/3 via our close relationships with other leading TTM training providers. Contact us to find out more.

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Traffic Controller (TC) & Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) Training

In addition to preparing Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and Traffic Management Diagrams (TMDs), David also undertakes reviews and audits of existing TMPs to ensure comprehensive compliance and protection for clients.

Equally comfortable working with existing plans or those in the process of being prepared by in-house teams or third party providers, David can often turn around TMPs at short notice, although more complex situations can require longer due to the greater level of attention to detail and assessment required.

Please Note – most RCAs (Road Controlling Authorities) have a minimum lodgement time to allow them to approve your plans!

Boasting 30+ years’ experience in training, business and project management, organizational change and process delivery, David favours a ‘whole of business’ perspective in areas of temporary traffic management risk and compliance.

We’d love to talk more with you about how this experience could assist with your overall operations and efficiency.

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